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Knowing Who To Trust

If you have a hard time trusting, then it might be because someone violated your trust when you were young. Maybe it was your parents…or another family member…or someone else who was important to you at the time. On the March 11th episode of Heart 2 Heart, Elizabeth and Michelle discuss trust: how you can identify trustworthy people and then build trusting relationships with them. See the attached blog post for Elizabeth’s commentary and additional show notes. Continue reading

The Real Apology

“The Real Apology” is a three part apology originally proposed by Randy Pausch in his “Last Lecture.” When you offer a “Real Apology” you don’t just say you’re sorry — you also take full responsibility for what you said or did and offer to do something to make it up to the person you are apologizing to. Continue reading

Heart 2 Heart Episode: Codependency Issue

On the February 25 episode of Heart 2 Heart, Elizabeth and Mary McBryde discuss a letter from a listener who feels a little taken for granted by a friend she is trying to help through a bad breakup. They also discuss about the consequences of choosing to be right instead of choosing to be happy when we feel as if we’ve been wronged. Continue reading

Heart 2 Heart Episode #3

In this week’s episode we talked about whether some people are predisposed to codependency and whether or not a lot of codependent behavior might simply be caused by a lack of communication. Continue reading

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