The Search for Your Amazing Life is Finally Over!

You don't have to endlessly search out in the world for it like an owner of a lost dog pleading for it to come home yelling, "Ammmmmaaaaazing Life!  AMMMMAAAAAZZZZIINNG  LIFEEEEE!!!"  Where ARE YOUUUUUU?????? And you are definitely not going to get your Amazing Life from another person.   Nope.

You can also stop looking to a "someday" when you are skinny enough, rich enough, smart enough, talented enough or when you know all the right people or have all the right letters behind your name.  Your Amazing Life isn't going to be mocked by your low-self esteem.

Your Amazing or Best Life or Fantastic Life or Incredible Life or Big Life or whatever you want to call it is REAL and it's always in your midst.  Why?

Because YOU are AMAZING.  AMAZING is your birthright.  AMAZING just IS.   You can't search for it because you ARE it.  And an AMAZING life naturally occurs as a consequence of experiencing yourself as an amazing woman (or whatever adjective resonates with you).  Why?

Because an amazing woman makes amazing, healthy decisions.  She takes care of her damn self.  She doesn't allow herself to be treated with disrespect.  She doesn't allow herself to be belittled, abused, or shamed.  She doesn't fill her house or her body or her mind with crap. She doesn't settle.  She chases her dreams.  She doesn't give up.  She doesn't play small. She owns who she is and isn't ashamed.  She knows who she is and if she doesn't, she gets support to figure it out.  She takes time for contemplation and rest.  She'd rather be happy than right.  And when she inadvertently strays away from her truth (because she is a human being and that will happen from time to time), she doesn't beat herself up. Actually, she will enjoy the hell out of that chocolate shake, stupid reality show or overpriced candle when the need arises.

I don't care how much you hate your self, how disgusted you are with what you see in the mirror, how hopeless you feel, what you've done,  how overwhelmed you are, how miserable you are in your marriage, how annoyed you are with your kids or whatever it is that is keeping you stuck or making you miserable.  I know your Amazing and Best and Big and Truest Life is alive and well inside you and that you can choose again.

Here is your tool:  With every single choice you make - and I mean every single choice - ask yourself this:  Will doing this bring me one step toward my Amazing Life - the life I'm meant to live, the life I want for myself or one step away from the Life I want for myself? And I'll do it with you today!  Let's choose toward!!!

With love, Elizabeth